What it means to rescue computers

These days, nearly everyone has a computer or laptop lying around, not being used to its full potential. Maybe it's too slow, or has trouble launching your favorite applications. Maybe you've been meaning to upgrade to something faster but are hesitant to spend nearly a thousand dollars for a new computer. At Hardware Rescue we think it's terrible that perfectly good computer hardware is being wasted. We can rescue your computer, sell you one we've rescued, or just help you out as needed with any questions you may have.

speed Slow or Broken Computer?

We install and support the best Free and Open Source software available for personal computers.

3 Months Support Included

We can replace your current operating system with a completely free alternative. This improves computer performance, makes it more secure against malware and viruses, provides free updates of your choosing and even allows you to upgrade to new versions for free!

computer Need a Computer?

We seek out used computers in great condition, often from schools and businesses, which we then upgrade, bench test, and sell ready-to-go.

Pre-built Ready To Go

They're cleaned up, healthy, well-behaved and free of viruses. Experience the joy of rescuing a computer in need of a good home. Every rescued computer comes with three months of free support. If you have any questions; we're here to help!

Looking for advice?

We offer advanced support for businesses and users with special requirements. Tell us your problem.

Free Estimates

We can evaluate your needs and advise on the best course of action. Get in touch for a free estimate.

Want some more information?

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