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At our Nerd Herd, the geeks are cool and nerds rule! Growing up in the digital era, we were fascinated with computers and everything they could do. We've spent most our lives fiddling with, breaking, building, and fixing computers. We help our friends and families with their technology needs. Hardware Rescue is a natural evolution of what we've already been doing our whole lives; helping people use their computers.

Meet the Founders

Justin and Andrew were teenagers when the Information Age kicked off in earnest with the adoption of the Internet in the 1990s. They were young enough to easily adapt to the new paradigms at hand and just old enough to appreciate how transformational they would be. They met and got their first exposure to real-world high-tech applications in the US Air Force serving as Signal Intelligence Experts in the early 2000s. They've been working in various facets of the IT Industry ever since and are here to let you know about one of the best things to come out of the maturing information age - Open Source Software!

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Justin Delphenich / Creative Director
Computer Geek Extraordinaire

I admit it's true, we've gotten spoiled. Having more information at our fingertips than even existed just a decade ago is not enough. The devices we use to access the information highway must allow us full control and the information, or software, used to run them should be completely transparent. I became increasingly frustrated (especially when trying to help family members) with bloated features, annoying malware and popups, slow updates, limited controls, hidden costs and the generally anti-transparent nature of the current personal computer software heavyweights. I decided to give Open Source Software a shot on my eldery aunt's desktop that was running very slowly using Microsoft Windows. I was blown away at the ease and speed with which I was able to give my aunt a fast and fully functioning computer that "just worked". I've been creating open source solutions ever since.

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Andrew Hadfield / Technical Director
Programmer (Glutton for punishment)

I've always loved sharing new information. Open source computer solutions are some of the best kept secrets out there. I've been content simply using these solutions for my own business and personal needs but have grown to believe that others need to know. Teams of like-minded individuals (bless them) have been keeping these softwares up-to-date for their communities and it's time everyone jumped on the bandwagon. Technology advancements have been pushing the cost of obtaining information towards zero. Software should be no different. Cheap access to information helps level the playing field for those who strive to educate and better themselves. I'm not saying there should be no Proprietary Software, it's important and valuable, just that the vast majority of computer users don't need any. For most personal and small business needs, the free stuff is actually better.

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