Is your computer situation in need of rescue?

Do you have a computer that needs some help? Are you frustrated about being pushed to spend more money on upgrades that slow down your computer? Maybe you don't have a computer, have one that used to be fast and needs rescued, or just need some help every once in a while. We have simple and affordable options to suit your needs. Whatever the reason, Hardware Rescue can help!


Slow or Broken Computer?

We'll replace the Operating System (OS) completely. Our lightweight and secure OS will breath new life into your computer while saving you money.


No Computer?

No problem! We can set you up with a complete computer system that we've already rescued, saving you hundreds of dollars! Everything you need is included, all for an unbeatable price.


Need Advice?

Let us diagnose your computer issues and advise on a winning strategy forward. We love solving problems and always provide free estimates.

An easier to use, more accessible desktop

Most Operating Systems are expensive, insecure, bloated... and completely unnecessary! Join the rapidly-growing movement to leave them behind in favor of much more robust, completely FREE alternative used by millions of users and businesses around the world; Linux.
Whether you need a desktop with extra-large font for the visually impaired, are worried about viruses and malware, or just want a more inexpensive option, we're here to help!

Simple, Secure and Accessible


Easy to use

Using a computer can be intimidating, but we make it easy! Simple menus and shortcuts, updates without interruptions and reliable performance mean carefree computing!


More Secure

So secure that no anti-virus software is needed! Easily restore to clean in the unlikely event there's a problem.



Increase font sizes and icons, keep track of your cursor, zoom in on the desktop, more options than you'll ever need!

A Brief Introduction